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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> mike: welcome back to huckabee forum two south carolina undecided. our next presidential candidate is former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. please welcome senator santorum. [ applause ] >> good to see you. >> i got to say you got the vest on. great to see you. thank you for joining us. i was commenting on your vest. i see you wore that today. >> that has been -- it started out actually, mike, at your forum in des moines and we went out and everyone else was wearing a suit and i came out with a vest and things went well that night and so we started the trend -- you started the trend for me so i figured i would keep it up. >> mike: , well, it is working
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for you today. congressman tim scott has our first question for senator santorum. >> the first question from kimberly williams. >> welcome to charleston and thank you for coming here on behalf of all of us undecided voters. many of us christian conservatives feel the same way you do about abortion and the sanctity of human life. tell me what you would do to win over the liberals that you would have to win over to beat obama in november. >> i go back and look at my record. i have run five races. four of them i was victorious. all in heavily democratic areas. all being mostly jut numbered was able to go out and track folks who didn't necessarily agree with me on those issues and frankly other issues because i was able to go out and tell the truth not just what i believe was popular at the moment. not everybody gries with
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everything you in believe in. what they want to know is you believe what they believe. they trusted me what i would do what i said i was doing it for the right reason. it was in the best interest of our country. once for the house and once in the senate one at 60 percent then 70 percent democratic district the state had over a million registered democrats and republicans. they have that kind of track record of being able to win the states necessary. pennsylvania, ohio, missouri, michigan, indiana, the industrial states. i put policies together. appeals to voters that built the reagan coalition. hard-working people left behind by the economy. we have had plans and plan through out my congressional career and senate career that attracted these voters that's what was successful.
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>> senator santorum my name is ellen wartsman. my husband has been unemployed for over four years. we sold our big house moved into a much smaller house, our 401 k is pretty much gone the irs because of the economy it's gone. what can you do for people in our position. >> i am sorry about that first and foremost. you moved to a beautiful area of the country. an area my wife karen and our kids and i come to all of the time. this state of south carolina has been a vacation place for us to spend some time. you picked a food place. i would say the best thing we can do is get this economy going for everyone in the economy. that's why if you look at the plan in the wall street journal it's a bold plan better than any other plans out there. i believe it will work.
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it does focus on not just the knowledge based economy. we are competing those who are white collar workers so to speak are doing well but with low rates of unemployment about 4.3 percent. but the roaest of the folks hav double dig get unemployment. we need to create opportunities. i believe it's in the manufacturing sector. you see what boeing has done to the low country. the low country has a diverse economy. manufacturing is what creates wealth. we see that up in the up state the vitality of having those workers. it's not just blue collar workers designers engineers all sorts of other people. it's a robust cross-section of the economy that can grow. we take the corporate tax for manufacturing and eliminate it. why? we have seen our work force cut in half in america in manufacturing. 21 percent of the work force down to nine. we need to revitalize the sector the only way we do they take the
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jobs they know manufacturing jobs create wealth. we know it, too. you elect me all sorts of things we do to make manufacturing competitive we will create jobs for your husband and other people in south carolina. >> i want to remind everybody all of the candidates get exactly the same amount of time. the structure of the program is senator santorum yours will be the only segment that is in one piece. we don't have a break we will go straight to the question. >> senator santorum welcome to charleston. i am david muldon. i purchased 12 items from a national outdoor retailer. you look at labels to see where things are made. get in the spirit of things i didn't do that this time. i got home everything i bought was made in china. my question for you is what
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actions should the united states take concerning the trade imbalances of china. we are selling sweater vests on our web site. it took us a couple days to be able to find a manufacturer that manufacturers vests. it was huge in the textile industry. it is not any more. the reason it goes back to the point i was making . america is 20 percent more expensive to manufacturer in than our nine top trading partners, and that includes china. that is excluding labor. we are losing jobs because of our labor cuts. we are losing jobs because they are not competitive. they are doing it with high taxes. that's why we eliminate the corporate tax doing it with regulations. this administration in the past three years it's on average
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during bush and clinton about 60 regulations per year. they produce thousands but 60 are the onerous high cost regulations that make us uncompetitive on a variety of fronts. those are regulations that cost over $100 million. it would require congress to approve the regulations instead of the obama administration without some sort of congressional approval. they did 150 of those this time of year. they are crushing the entrepreneurial spirit. i was up in greenville the other day and i had someone in the mortgage business. they said i went from 30 minutes a week spending time on regulations to 3 hours a day after don frank. it is crushing my business. i am getting out. we need to have regulatory reform. i am going to fill every single regulation that cost over
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$100 million and replace the most necessary that are more competitive for our business. >> thank you very much. go back to the auditors. >> my name is robert booth mr. santorum. how can you call yourself a true conservative at times to raise the debt limit. >> thank you very much. here's the issue. have i voted and have i worked to get the budget deficit down and balance the budget and take care of the serious issues we are dealing with? unfortunately when you are united states senator or congressman you are not the president of the united states and you can't unilaterally stop spending and you could by proposing budgets. you are in a situation where you can work toward lowering spending and i have. i was the author of welfare reform when i was in the united
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states house and managed the bill on the floor in the united states senate. it was the first and only time we repealed entitlement cut the money and froze spending on this. i want to do the same thing and i want to do the same thing and a variety of programs. i led on social security reform and medicare reform. i did so second oldest per capita of seniors in the country. if you want to do something without ever increasing the budget debt ceiling you have to deal with entitlements. frankly i worked with him to actually do something about where the trustuck trurl proble is. that's my entitlement that's my strength. we fought this time as president i will have the ability to lead and succeed on all fronts not just one. let's take our next question, please. go right ahead.
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>> welcome senator santorum my name is judy bennet. my question concerns the unemployed over 50. especially those who have not yet reached the age of social security. personally, my sister 58 exhausted her efforts, unemployment benefits and then took her ira and bought a small business. what say you for those who don't have resources to do this? >> the important thing you brought up something that is really important is folks with experience like your sister and others who can take that experience unlike younger folks be able to use that as a way to build their own business. this gets back to the fact that this administration has had this crushing regulatory burden as well as tax burden on entrepreneurs. when you go back to the comment i made from the man in greenville, everyone thinks the republican party is the party of big business.
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that's just false. we are the party of the little guys the entrepreneurs. they love big business. it tells them how to run the business it's easier if you deploy regulators and tax agents and embed them in these large companies and watch them closely and have this relationship where big bisque comply with all of the regulations and it's the little guy who have to spend three or four-hours a day complying who gets driven out of business. that means less competition for the big guy. the most important thing we can do is not just reducing the tax burden but this regulatory burden i have talked about is absolutely key if we are going to have opportunities for those who want to start their businesses and provide for their families. >> we have less than two minutes to go. we want to get hopefully as many as we can. next discussion please from our audience. >> senator, my name is tom born
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and raised in erie, pennsylvania. now proud south carolina lynnian. you spoke compassionately on many cases concerning abortion. how do you justify administration of the death penalty for variety of crimes but fail to support abortion in a case of pregnancies resulting from rape and incest. how is the taking of an adult life different from the life of an unborn. >> first off i don't have an exception for rape and incest. i believe all human life is sacred and all innocent human life should be protected. i have no exceptions to those cases. with respect to the death penalty we are not talking about innocent human life. it's very interesting. i was asked this question at a debate how i could have an exception. i was too radical. i did not have an exception for rape and incest. i told the questioner, i said the supreme court recently ruled that someone convicted of rape was not subject to capital
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punishment that that would be cruel and unusual punishment. but that same supreme court a child in the womb conceived from that rape could be killed. that is a country that has its morals upside down. (applause) >> senator, thank you very much. i appreciate your beforiing her. thank you very much. coming up texas governor rick perry later mitt romney, john huntsman, newt gingrich and rick santorum will join us for their closing remarks. stay with us from charleston, south carolina. [ male announcer ] the super bowl.
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carolinian. >> welcome back to huckabee forum 2 from south carolina, the undecided voters. next is governor rick perry. please welcome governor rick perry. how are you doing? >> great to see you. >> thank you for being here. >> excited to be here. >> nice suhoes you have on. >> they were made in texas. you will be happy to hear that. >> first question comes from victor findesh. >> tim, thank you. mama scott it's good to see you. >> good morning, my qestion is having lived in new york for many years i have seen an extreme number of people taking advantage of welfare and disability. people who have never worked a
9:19 pm
day in their lives. what is your exact plan to get people off of welfare and keeping them from taking advantage of the system? (applause) >> obviously -- good question. obviously having good tests in place and as the governor of 13 economies in the world over the course of the last 11 years we have had an opportunity to make sure that you have practices in place. at the federal level one of the most important things we can do is have a health and services agencies that are focused on fraud and corruption that we know goes on. there are billions of dollars that can be saved out of our health and human services budget by auditing and having that type of program in place. that will be one of the places that we really work and in our state we have been able to save $5 billion partly by consolid e consolidating those agencies but also by putting an office of
9:20 pm
inspector general into place. that would be one of the things i would do in the office of inspector general to make sure we have clear guidelines and fraud and corruption get cut out of that federal agency. >> thank you very much. let's go to our next question. (applause) >> good morning governor perry. my name is mark farmer. as a small businessman i have to spend a great deal of my time considering tax implications of any business decision i make. i would like to know how we can simplify the tax code for businesses to make it easier for businessmen to make decisions based on their business opportunities and not the tax code. >> you are going to like my tax plan. that 20 percent tax plan, steve forbes endorsed it and club for growth said it was the best plan for any of the candidates running for president. 20 percent flat tax where you still have deduction for your home mortgage for charitable deductions for local taxes. we get rid of the capital gains
9:21 pm
tax. we get rid of the benefits, social security benefits tax get rid of capital gains. get 20 percent of that put it on a postcard send it in we will get rid of the irs as we know it. (applause) >> let's go to the next question. >> mr. farmer i guarantee timothy geithner to get his taxes in on time with a plan like that. >> next question, please. >> hello governor perry. my name is diane mckinnon. how are you? >> excellent. >> my question is about your possible vice presidential pick. would you want someone, man or women who would fill the spot, make apeerp ranc-- appearances joe biden or would you want someone man or woman who would be actively involved in your administration like a dick cheney? >> mike what you got going on next year?
9:22 pm
>> hosting this show. (applause) >> he was my neighbor. i know this guy knows how to compete. to answer your question, seriously, it will be an individual who is very much philosophically in tune. it would be an individual who looks like me from the standpoint of my philosophy. the vice president see truly is that one heartbeat away from the presidency. you want an individual that is a partner that lord willing i am going to live for a long time and be healthy through all of these years. you want to make sure that individual is someone that shares your passion for this country, shares your passion for small business shares your passion for the defense of this country. that individual whoever he or she might be will be someone who is identical from a philosophical standpoint and i
9:23 pm
can assure you that. >> thank you very much. to the next question from our audience. >> my name is luther hughes. governor, i would like to know, as president what executive action would you take regarding the out of control labor relations board? >> well, i would probably just do away with it put it over in the department of labor. it is really interesting that this nlrb issue is one of three. all of our states -- i know nicky is here in the audience and we compete against each other. we are big believers in the tenth amendment. we fight for getting those jobs into our state and what have you. each of our states are under assault right now by this administration. we may be under assault. south carolina, they are actually at war with you. the idea that they would come in here with the justice department and take on your voter
9:24 pm
identification law and they would come here and take you to task and you are having to defend money to spend your sovereign right to have immigration laws in place because you are doing your job. that is a powerful -- those two are only trumped by the nlrb and coming in here and telling boeing you cannot come to south carolina and create jobs and create all of this wealth because you are right to work state. that is just wrong. when i am president of the united states you don't have to see anything about the justice department messing with your business. >> we are going to continue with governor perry more questions after the break. stay with us from charleston. ♪ tell me what you really mean ♪ do you know wh you want? ♪ while beating up on yesterday ♪ ♪ rolling on, moving on [ female announcer ] the space of a small suv.
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>> welcome back to charleston, south carolina. in our forum we continue with texas governor rick perry. let's go right back to the audience and get to some more questions. >> hi. welcome to both you governors from south carolina line -- to south carolina. the federal government spends $4 billion a day more than it takes in, will you make it a priority to cut federal spending immediately by 10 percent within your first 100 days in office as
9:28 pm
president? >> yes, ma'am. as a matter of fact we have a plan on rick where you can see our actual budget that we layout where we talk about the tax plan i talked about earlier but the spending cuts we need to make and how we balance the budget by 2010 and cap the spending at 8 percent of gross domestic product. that is a powerful commitment. you have to ask yourself are you better off today than you were $4 trillion ago? it is cutting and spending. i have got a record of doing that. i know everybody likes to talk about we are going to cut this and we a and i am the only person on the stage that has signed 6 balanced budgets. you know how tough that is. 6 balanced budgets. we cut 15 billion out of our budget in texas this last time.
9:29 pm
you raise taxes or they are going to make reductions in spending. i have got a track record of cutting that spending. we have 64 different times we have cut taxes in that state. people come to texas because they know that there is still a land of opportunity in america. that state has 1300 people that come in. they are coming here and they come in and risk their capital and have it return on investment. that's what americans are pleading for. they want the president of the united states to understand it is the young men and women it is the tax policy. the co of coca-cola said it is useyer to do business in communist china than it is in the united states of america. we need to cut the taxes cut the
9:30 pm
regulation and bring the manufacturing back to the united states. that's the way you do it. >> thank you very much. next question from our audience. yes, sir. >> well, governor -- welcome, governor perry. my name is gnat. -- nate. i am concerned about ridiculous regulations by the environmental protection agency. >> me, too. >> i would like to know what your stance on that would be and specifically are you in favor of eliminating that agency and if not, why? >> i will tell you i am not sure there's a state that has been under any more assault with the state of texas whethby the epa whether it's the krot state pollution act we got a federal court to block, whether it's taking over our clean air act. they are out of control spewing out regulations on a regular
9:31 pm
basis. what i would do is pull back every regulation that has gone forward since 8. i would audit them and ask them do they create jobs or kill jobs? if they kill jobs that's what would be the test. that agency i would rebuild. that agency can be substantially stronger. it can be a repository for best tracktises where nicky and the states can find the best practices but it also needs to be substantially reduced. the bulk of those regulations should be dealt with at the state level. i trust nicky and her members of the legislature to make decisions that are in the best interest of the people. it's your error and your water. for crying out loud i trust the people of south carolina to make the decisions on their environment substantially more than some bureaucrat in washington, d.c. that has probably never stepped foot into this state.
9:32 pm
>> we have less than two minutes to go with governor perry. try to get as many as we can. next question from our audience. >> my name is justin deering. i would like to know if you think the american manufacturing jobs have already moved to china if they are likely to come back. if not what jobs -- what jobs of the sectors do you think are most likely to grow during your presidency? >> they can come back and they will come back. people didn't move away just because they had an opportunity for cheap labor. think of all of the dollars offshore from u.s. companies that have invested offshore and they have made those profits and to bring them back in today they have to pay 35 percent rate. the money will stay offshore. i talk about taxing that offshore money it's $1.7 trillion at 5 and a quarter percent for one year. the american chamber of commerce
9:33 pm
estimates 3.6 million jobs to be created when a trillion dollars of that comes back on shore and is then put into our economy. but the place that you will see america has always been a country where the next big thing -- steve jobs and what he innovated and people like him, some private sector small entrepreneur who is creating the next big thing. we need to be giving them the incentive to be on shore doing that and not driving them off with tax policy and regulatory policy. that is the reason that 20 percent flat tax not only on the personal side but 20 percent personal income tax that will make america competitive. that is the way to get america ahead. >> governor perry thank you. you are right exactly on the time. i didn't even have to cut you off whatsoever. i appreciate it. up next we are going to bring
9:34 pm
all five of the candidates back. we will get closing remarks on the forum. we will see what the final argument is to you. stay with us. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each nth on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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forum in charleston, south carolina. each of the five candidates had equal time to answer the questions from our undecided voters here in our audience. now, they are going to join us once again and each will have one minute to give us their closing remarks. the northern division which they a-- the order in which they appear on the stage was determined by a drawing prior to tonight's forum. first up, former massachusetts governor rate romney. >> thanks, mike. thank you, mike, for this opportunity and governor haley and also congressman scott. appreciate the chance to be with you. you in charleston or across south carolina realize this election is about more than just replacing a president. this is an election about the soul of america. this nation was founded upon principles that said we would be an opportunity nation that people could come here and work hard and get education and take risks and pursue their dreams and their success would not make the rest of us poorer it would make the rest of us better off. we a president who has a
9:38 pm
different view. he wants to make america a european style welfare state an entitlement nation where the role of government is not to create opportunity but instead to take from some to give to others. is not working in europe. it sure as heck wouldn't work here. this president wants to make government bigger. i want to make it smaller. he wants to expand healthcare controlled by the government. i want to get rid of obama care. he wants to spend more money than we take into year after year after year. i want to cut, cap and balance the federal budget. this president says he wants to fundamentally transform america, i want to restore to america the principles that made us the hope of the earth. thank you. >> thank you very much governor. appreciate it very much. >> next up, for closing remarks texas governor rick perry. >> you know, the country that i volunteered to serve as a pilot in the united states air force is still the greatest country on the earth. but washington, d.c. is broken. we need a president of the
9:39 pm
united states that understands how to bring change and bring real change, because washington and wall street are corrupt. we need a president who understands we are going to have to have an outsider come into wash washington, d.c. cthat clearly has the background to bring the change the radical change to washington, d.c. i always love a purpose driven life. it has never been my purpose to be the president of the united states to get rich. it's been my purpose to serve our country. that is why i am in this race for the united states presidency. we need to make sure we have a president with a plan, a tax plan, a balanced budget plan, a way to radically change washington, d.c. with a part-time congress. send them home let them work part-time and then keep that radical change in place. i am rick perry and i ask you for your support right here in south carolina and across america. god bless you.
9:40 pm
>> thank you governor perry. great to see you. i appreciate it. >> next up, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. >> thank you governor. thanks all of the folks in south carolina. karen and i decided to take on this challenge to run for president not because i wanted to be the most powerful person in america. because i wanted to return the power to the people of tamerica. that's what the campaign is about. we have a big decision. i don't care how old you are, this is the most important election of your lifetime. we have an incredible opportunity to speak loudly as to what america needs. you know what america needs. america needs someone who respects and reflects the values of the people of america. south carolina has good strong traditional conservative values. the values that made this country great, the founder's values. that is south carolina. i would ask you to reflect those
9:41 pm
values in this election. vote for someone to be bold with reagan they said pick somebody else you could win. no because you saw in reagan what the rest of the country didn't yet know. believe in those values and reflect them in those votes coming up on saturday and we can restore this country to greatness. >> great to see you. >> next up former utah governor john huntsman. >> governor i am honored and pleased to be here in this great state of south carolina honored by the support of people like the carol campbell family henry mcmaster and allen wilson. i want people leaving this auditorium with two things in mind. number one, i will always put my country first. the principles my two boys are learning as they begin their military careers. why is that important?
9:42 pm
it's important because point number two this country has a trust deficit that we need too resolve. we no longer trust our institutions of power we no longer trust our elected officials. i want to lead the charge that brings term limits to congress. i want to close the revolving to door that allows them to trade on insider information and relationships to become lobbyists. i want to get our troops out of afghanistan. i want to right size those banks that are too big to fail. ladies and gentlemen of south carolina, i want your vote, but most importantly i want your trust. because that's the most valuable thing one human being can give to another. thank you so very much. >> governor huntsman thank you. appreciate you being with us. next up former speaker of the house newt gingrich.
9:43 pm
>> i want to thank you and the folks that are here today. this may be the most important election of our lifetime. if barack obama gets elected we will be so radical in the second term having been vindicated we can't image what it was like. this election really matters and your votes are decisive once again as they have been since 1980 in picking somebody. it's simple who can defeat barack obama who can help change washington, who can help create jobs? i think we need a solid conservative who can win the debates to defeat barack obama. we need someone with the experience we did in washington which i did in ronald reagan in the 80s and speaker reform tax cuts and cut in unemployment as we did in the 90s. i helped create 16 million jobs with ronald reagan 11 million jobs as speaker. with your help and your vote i believe we can get america back to work that's the only way that america works is when america is
9:44 pm
working. >> thank you very much. great to see you. >> coming up, we are going to go back to the other side with voters in our audience. then we will find out if they were satisfied with what they heard from the candidates and whether their answers brought them a little closer to making a decision. it may have happened with you. stay with us. we will be right back from charleston, south carolina. ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan built a car inspired by zero. because zo is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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>> mike: a lot of undecided >> a lot of undecided voters to south carolina. we brought them to ask the questions. we want to find out have they made a decision. brian, you had a question earlier. tell me your real action to the answer you got and are you closer to a decision? >> i think that he kind of skipped away from the question. he started talking about military spending. >> your question was to governor romne romney. >> yes. >> everybody agreed we should have the stronger military in the world. that was not the gist of my question. i wanted him to convince me he was on a kanian. between now and november would be economic inconsequential. with the growing libertarian wing he may have to pick a rand paul as a running mate to get someone like me on board. >> you are a ron paul supporter so not completely undecided when
9:48 pm
you came. are you less decided or more undecided? >> i am more for ron paul after this. though he's not even here. everything he says i have agreed with. >> we appreciate it very much. ellen, you had a question for senator santorum. very powerful personal story. did the senator's answer satisfy you, ellen? >> well, not really, because i am not sure how at age 60 -- as much as manufacturing needs to come back into this country, i am all for that, but my husband is 60 years old i am not sure bringing manufacturing back is going to get him a job. and the older americans that don't have jobs right now that aren't ready to fully retire, you know, what are they supposed to do? how are we suppose to do survive when we have already been through like your spending down your 401 k and ira and
9:49 pm
everything else. >> all right. ted mcknight had a question for speaker gingrich regarding the founding fathers and dealing with the federal reserve. did the speaker's answer satisfy you, ted? >> i like the fact that he agreed that the founding fathers had a bert grasp on what is best for this country. unfortunately, he then went the opposite direction. he wanted to still keep the fed. i would have appreciated an answer that would have said the fed should be transitioned to extinction within about five years. an example of getting rid of bernanke is great, but if we looked at president obama's appointments over the last three years we can see what happens if allowing one person to appoint a very powerful person to a very powerful position. the founders would have wanted to have the wisdom of multiple people not just one. and this idea of using our money
9:50 pm
to bail out the euro i agree with that not being a good idea. we have the fed with quantity tate tive he'sing destroying the power of the dollar which is a stealth tax on all of us. >> justin deering you had a question for governor perry about manufacturer jobs returning from china. tell me what you thought of his answer? >> i liked his enthusiasm. i liked idhis idea on 5 and a hf percent tax of offshore profits coming back in if we don't have something in place it will not likely invent vise companies to bring them back. i don't think he gave me any specific answers about what job sectors he thinks are going to grow. it was more about let's have envat tors out there and let them do what they do. let's give them the tools to do that. >> david tyll lee you had a
9:51 pm
question for governor huntsman. respond. it was about the space program. >> i was partially satisfied. liked the fact that he said he would not subcontract out to other countries. but the united states does not have a viable man rated launch system. the other part of my question is what would he do about that whether it's nasa or private industry either way. the development of a man rated launch system needs to be expedited quickly. >> i appreciate all of you. appreciate everybody here. we are going to have final comments when i return i will be talking with our host congressman tim scott to get his perspective on how this event helped him make a decision as we hope it helped make you. we will be right back with our final segment. stay with us. (applause) we were delighted. ♪ when it received a 5-star overall safety ring,
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>> mike: welcome back. >> welcome back. joining me once again our host congressman tim scott. we have had a room full of undecided voters. they have had tough questions of all of the candidates. nobody came in here and skated. do you feel any candidate rose to the occasion in a way that is exceptional? >> i think they all did a good job. i think it is one of the reasons why so many are undecided is because candidates are raising their game. i was excited about the performance of all of the candidates. i haven't picked my own yet. i am going through the process. >> neither have i. i liked all of these guys. of what i saw today i would be proud to stand on the stage and gleefully support any one of these individuals. they impress me with can dorr and came in here with a tough room and tough questions.
9:56 pm
none of them flinched and backed off. they all stood their ground. >> any of our current nominees would be better than the white house right now. >> we are one week away from the south carolina primary. is there one issue that tilts this thing in favor or are we in for a surprise. >> with almost 10 percent of unemployment in the state i think the jobs this year the one we believe has the conviction to get it done will be the one that wins south carolina. >> i want to say your remarkable posting in town hall we have had all of the candidates vined you'lly. you have helped bring all of them today for this special edition. i think it has been a remarkable day. i would like to ask kwun question of the audience. show by applause if this forum has helped you ads an undecided voter get closer to a point of decision? has it helped you?
9:57 pm
(cheers and applause) >> congressman scott, what a pleasure. a joy to be with you in charleston, south carolina. make sure to tune into the next fox news wall street journal republican presidential de late that will happen monday night 9:00 eastern from myrtle beach, south carolina moderateed by bret baier. make sure to watch fox news confer raj of the republican presidential primary next saturday january the 21st. i want to say thanks to the wonderful people here. what a delight it is to be in charleston. now from the college of charleston, good night. god bless, see you next time. (applause) ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe?
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